How Sausage Gets Made at the Capitol – 3/16/14

With a very busy week behind me, I’m pleased to say that 6 of the 7 bills that I presented in committee passed and now head to the floor for consideration by the full Senate. The bills all originally began in the House and passed there and, if the Senate passes them as well, the [...]

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Let’s Do This Fire Season Better – 3/23/14

The last couple of weeks have been a bit chaotic with the collision of a heavy bill load in committee and on the senate floor along with my need to tend to family matters while my husband had foot surgery. Rick is now back home and on the mend, but the surgeon essentially rewired the [...]

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Rural Colorado Gets Shorted, Again – 3/30/14

Last week had some serious bumps in the road that didn’t bode well for rural Colorado. Repeatedly, it’s been stated this year that there’s no war on rural Colorado, that the phrase is a partisan myth created for political purposes. After what transpired last session and now what’s happening during this year’s budget process, I [...]

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Busy week ahead in committees – 3/10/14

In this column, I’ll describe the bills that I’ll be presenting in committee this week. You’ll see why my job is mentally stimulating and challenging, given the variety of topics I get to work on. The first bill is a slight modification to one I sponsored last year involving the collection and processing of medical [...]

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Campaigns ramping up for some, term limits winding others down – 3/2/14

Change is in the air at the Capitol, I can feel it. We’re just short of the halfway mark, that is, if we go the full 120 days of the session. We still have the two biggest bills of each session to grapple with and those are the annual budget bill and the school finance [...]

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Hello from Ellen Roberts, senator for Colorado State Senate District 6, covering Archuleta, Dolores, La Plata,  Montezuma, Montrose, Ouray, San Juan and San Miguel counties in beautiful Southwest Colorado.  Welcome to my website!

My senate legislative district covers eight counties in Southwest Colorado.   District 6 is very diverse, geographically and politically. Like my former House District, with almost every issue that presents itself at the legislature, there’s definitely not consensus among the people back home as to how to vote on it or even if a bill has any merit at all.  That’s part of the challenge of my job, but part of the fun, too, because there are lots of different people in my area.

During the legislative session from early January to mid-May, my approach is to take in as much information as I can, both facts and opinions, combine that with my knowledge of the district and my own principles and values, and then vote.  When it comes to voting, there’s only a yes or a no – we don’t get the luxury of voting “yes, in this situation, but no, if the situation’s different”.  It’s a pretty stark choice, yet it’s what I signed up to do on your behalf.

When the legislature is out of session, I am still on the job, traveling around the district talking with my constituents and learning more about their daily lives and the challenges they face in this difficult economy. I attend legislative conferences and am on several legislative committees, so I’m often on the road for legislative duties even though the session in Denver has adjourned.

Constituent contact is critically important for me to do my job well and I want to encourage all of my constituents to get in touch with me on an issue of concern or to let me know of problems you may be having with Colorado’s state government. Unfortunately, I can’t solve every problem, but I’ll do my best in trying. During the session from mid-January to mid-May, you can reach me at the Denver Capitol, (303)866-4884, or by email at or use the Contact Me form located on this website.

Thanks for visiting my website!